Staff Birthday - Sam Marlette, June 14th

Happy Birthday, Sam!  We hope your birthday was great.


Often times, we refer to Sam as one in our team who has contact with all of our clients, however many times our clients haven't officially met him.  Sam is a CADD technician and works behind the scenes on most every project that our company is involved in.  Needless to say, he's an essential part of the Heffron Homes organization.


Recently, Sam and his wife remodeled the kitchen of their 95 year old home, so we asked him about their experience...


Q. First, please tell us what your role is at Heffron Homes.

​  ​

A. I am the C​ADD Technician & ​Estimator.  I do a majority of the house plans for the new homes that Heffron Homes builds.  With that comes the responsibility to help with the quotes and material take-offs that are done based off of the plans that I do.​

Q.  Briefly describe what the most interesting home was that you worked on, and why?


A. It was a residence at The Water's Edge on Lake Wisconsin, because it had a lot of interesting design features.​

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Before & After Pics

Q.  You’ve recently updated your kitchen with Heffron Homes, could you briefly explain the process?


​A.  We installed new flooring, cabinets, counter tops, appliances, lighting, and repainted.  With a growing family we wanted to have a more functional kitchen for what we needed.  We also wanted to keep cost down a little bit so we did not move any doors, walls or windows.  It helped the process that both my wife and I were on the same page from the start.  We went into all the meetings having an idea of what direction we wanted to go and what selections we wanted to make.  The exact selection was not made until after the meetings with Heffron Homes' designer, Jaclyn, because she could guide us in the direction of what worked well together and the different styles of everything.  My wife and I just knew the look we were going for and Jaclyn helped bring that idea to life.​

Q.  Were there surprises while taking on the kitchen renovation?

A.  There were a few "hiccups" along the way.  We found a few large holes that were hidden within the wall that a cabinet had been placed in front of.  One of the holes was actually an active vent for our heating and air conditioning that was covered by an existing cabinet.  But, the biggest surprise was actually how smooth the whole process went.  Even with the little surprises we kept on schedule the entire time.​


Q.  Were there particular features or design elements that you were happy you added to your kitchen?


​ A.  We changed the layout of our dinette as well.  With the old kitchen layout, there was not much of an option for what to do about dining.  However, we added a bench along a couple walls to be able to get the dining table away from the wall and get added seating.  This helped our new kitchen design by improving our dining options as well.​


Q.  There are so many steps to a kitchen remodel, would you have advice for those who may be considering going through the process?


​ A.  Plan ahead.  My wife and I had everything either already at our house or in-route before we even started demo.  We wanted as little time as possible without a kitchen.  By having everything planned out ahead of time, it made for a really fast remodel.​

Expand the Before & After Photos of the kitchen remodel by clicking on one (below), then scroll thru all the photos.

Thank you, Alexis and Sam, for "inviting us into your home" through this article. Your kitchen transformation is amazing, and because of your great effort, you truly have a beautiful space to share with your family.

~ from the Staff at Heffron Homes


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