Tips for Designing with Dark, Moody Paint Colors

Many love this trend and want to incorporate it into homes but are nervous about where and how to do it. It's understandable. Dark colors done incorrectly can overwhelm a space and today, so we'll walk you through and share a few tips for how/where to use these dark, moody paint colors that make a beautiful impact. So many of the colors that had been forecasted for 2019 are deep rich dark moody colors. How to use them can be tricky! 

Note - Paint colors noted directly below the images, however, If color is not listed, the exact color was unable to be located.

Accent Walls

When we first noticed this trend toward dark moody colors, most of the spaces that we first spotted this this look was on accent walls.  Dark moody accent walls surrounded by light or white walls is the easiest way to use and incorporate a dark paint color into your because the surrounding light walls balance and diffuse the boldness of the dark paint color. Accent walls are the safest way to incorporate a dark moody paint color. It makes such a beautiful design impact and the lighter walls guarantee that you will have the balance and the space will not be overwhelmed with the darker color.

Benjamin Moore Kendall Charcoal

Dunn Edwards Stargazing

Benjamin Moore Kendall Charcoal

Benjamin Moore Trout Gray

Benjamin Moore Kendall Charcoal

Small Bathrooms

Small bathrooms are the perfect spot for a dark moody paint color. You would think that the smaller the space, the more a dark color would overwhelm but it actually has the opposite effect.

Sherwin Williams Iron Ore

Balancing the Tones

To make life easier and keep the tones in balance, keeping warm with warm, and cool with cool. However, you should feel confident in adding a splash of color, remembering to keep the tones similar in saturation.

In larger bathrooms, these dark moody colors look best when mixed with white wainscoting to help balance the darkness.

Dulux Domino by Dulux Paints

Benjamin Moore Storm Cloud 

Interior Doors

If you’re loving these darker colors but want to keep it safe, painting your interior doors a dark rich color is not only a popular trend right now but it’s an easy way to make big impact. 

Sherwin Williams Iron Ore

Benjamin Moore Wythe Blue

Sherwin Williams Secure Blue

Kwai Brainchild


Of course, cabinetry is another fantastic spot for these rich dark moody paint colors.  Many times this works best when walls and surroundings are light or white to help balance and to keep the dark color from overwhelming.

Matte Black

Benjamin Moore Trout Gray

Sherwin Williams Porpoise

excerpt borrowed from The Creativity Exchange blog

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