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We're tapping resources right here in our office. We asked our lead designer, Jaclyn, what are helpful things she would suggest to new homeowners - things that would be beneficial to know to help the building process.

Jaclyn's Design Advice

Today's building industry offers so many more options than it did even 10 years ago. Try not to become overwhelmed. Start with one important element like cabinets or flooring and let other elements filter in. Take advantage of websites like Pinterest and Houzz. Browse photos and styles, then figure out what it is about the photos you like - is it the color scheme, the overall style, a specific material? Start a visual "list" of your favorites. 

Also, research your style (or combination of style) and embrace it rather than embracing current trends. I've been a designer long enough to see trends cycle more than once... the 1990's saw light oak/maple floors everywhere, then the trend went to dark espresso, now they are circling back to white oak floors. Bottom line, pick what you like and what fits your style and you won't feel out of date.

Finally, leave room in your allowances for a "splurge." It may be a functional aspect or purely decorative, but those are the things that customize your design and make it unique to your home. 

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