Types of Home Builders


According to the Milwaukee area Metropolitan Builders Association (MBA), there are four styles, or directions, a residential home builder may focus their business on.  They are listed below...


1. Custom Home. A truly custom home is one that is designed from scratch to be built on a specific site and purchased by a specific buyer. Price doesn’t determine whether a home is “custom.” That adjective applies whenever the home has an original and unique design.

2. Semi-Custom Home. A semi-custom home starts with an existing home design, which then is modified - sometimes substantially – to fit the site where the home will be built and the individual home buyer’s needs.

3. Production Home or Model Home. A model is built according to a standardized plan. Buyers don’t have many opportunities to change or customize a production or tract home within a subdivision.

4. Spec Home. A home built “on speculation” by a builder who hasn’t identified a specific buyer but hopes to sell it during construction or shortly after it’s completed. If a buyer decides to purchase the home during construction, he or she probably will be able to request some degree of customization. A spec home can be a custom home, a semi-custom home or a production home.

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As for our company...


Our 20+ year history of residential building stems from creative design and on-the-job construction experience. We're proud to employ our own carpenters, an in-house design team, project managers and support staff. These people are the heart of our business, and every day the staff of Heffron Homes brings together their talents to manage meaningful home building experiences for our clients.


At Heffron Homes, our style leans toward custom and semi-custom homes. Because we have a talented on-site design team and carpenters, clients are encouraged to bring inspiration photos of thoughts and ideas to incorporate into the new home. We feel client input is crucial to the process. Our team is able to custom design a home specific to what the client truly wants and may need.


Many times people will bring in floor plans they like and we'll use it as a starting point, then customize the concept  to a home specifically for them.


We also build model homes in several neighbohoods around the greater Madison area. So often people are interested in the quality of construction and design that go into a Heffron Home. Models are a wonderful way to highlight those aspects for a potential client.


We are not a production home builder (or tract builder). Tract builders have a very different and specific business model that we have not adopted.


No matter what style fits your needs, we understand that a home of any scale can have wonderful features and detail. So, in every home we pay attention to quality materials and design that lasts.

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