Homeowner Spotlight

Ada and Steve

Q. Where did you move from and how did you end up in Middleton's Woodstone neighborhood?


A. We were renting a very old and small house in the Regent neighborhood. When our daughter was born, we realized we needed a home that had more space and didn’t have the safety issues of older homes, such as lead paint and asbestos. In our search for a new house, we came across the option of building our own new home in this wonderful neighborhood in a great school district.

Q. You have been in the area for some time. Besides your jobs, how do you spend your time? Are you involved in the community?


When we are not working, pretty much everything revolves around our toddler or tackling a project for the house. Our weekend activities include going to fun places for our daughter, such as sing-a-longs and story times, or just having fun together in our kid and grown-up friendly great room.


Q. Could you explain what it is about the neighborhood that you enjoy?


There are so many young families and young professionals that live in this neighborhood, we fit right in. We really enjoy being close to amenities and being in a great school district. This location is also not too far from UW Madison, so Steve’s commute is reasonable.


Q. Were there any surprises of moving into a brand new home?


A. The amount of work and research and thought that went into every little detail of building the home was exhausting! But the process was well worth it. We really appreciated how Heffron Homes was flexible in allowing us to add our own things to the house, such as extensive network wiring. Heffron Homes was always very responsive to any questions, concerns, and suggestions we had throughout the building process. 


Q. Are there particular features or design elements that you are happy were incorporated into your new home?


A. Ada is extremely happy to finally have her own dedicated home office, as her previous “office” was in the dining room. We are glad we went with a 3-car garage that accommodates our cars, tools, strollers, bikes, and other kid gear that we’ll probably accumulate as the years go on. This winter has been going on forever, and we can’t wait to enjoy the sun from our deck.

Thank you, Ada and Steve!  You have a beautiful home. We apprecite you telling your story of how you planned for everything that went into building it. We truly wish you happiness, there, for years to come.

~ from the Staff at Heffron Homes


If you'd like information on our Woodstone neighborhood, Click Here.

Q. If you could offer advice about building, what would it be?


A. Envision your day-to-day activities and design a home that suits your life. Do mental “walk-throughs” of floor plan drawings to figure out if the flow of the home is smooth. Even if adequate space is allotted for certain rooms, the overall comfort and functionality of the home will be affected if they are awkwardly placed.



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