Homeowner Spotlight


Q. Where did you move from, and how did you end up in Prairie du Sac's Fieldstone neighborhood?


A. I have lived in the area, Lake Wisconsin, for almost ten years in a neighborhood and home that was also build by Heffron Homes. That building experience was very positive and the quality of the home without question.  I decided to stay in the area so chose another Heffron development and home feeling confident in the results.

Q. How do you spend time in and around the area?


A. I am an artist, belong to various art associations, and am on the Board of the Sauk County Art Association.

Q. What do you enjoy about the neighborhood?


A. I enjoy the feel of community; seeing people actively using the outdoors, living in a comfortable, safe environment.  Having sidewalks and street lighting is also another very nice feature.

Q. Were there any surprises of building and moving into a brand new home?


A. Actually, there were no surprises, which I consider a good thing.  Time was taken and plans carefully reviewed and explained before finalization and building began. Development of the floor plan and all other details were reviewed and confirmed; again, part of the overall process.

Q. If you could offer advice about building, what would it be?


A. There are various levels of involvement to consider in the building process. Deciding how involved you want to be is important. The more involved, the more time and vision is needed.


Suzanne at work  in her home's Art Studio

Thank You, Suzanne, for giving us a glimpse into your new home and your building experience. Your home is beautiful.

~from the staff at Heffron Homes

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