Homeowner Spotlight

Keira and Ed

Q. Where did you move from, and how did you end up in our Woodstone neighborhood?


A. We were already living in the Woodstone phase one when we saw the lots open up the hill in phase three. Having just built two years prior, we thought it was silly to even consider building again but we biked up the hill to look at the lots anyway. After walking through a Heffron house already under construction and seeing the views and potential we were sold and contacted Heffron the next day.

Q. Since you've been in the area for a few years, how do you spend time with your family around the area? Are you involved in the community?


A. Most of our time is spent on activities with our daughter, gymnastics, swimming, bike rides to the park and around the neighborhood.

Q. Could you explain what it is about the neighborhood that you enjoy… or what drew you to living in your particular neighborhood?


A. The school district was the biggest draw for us to Woodstone. Cutting the commute to work helped too. Our family is closer and everything is more convenient. The neighborhood has filled up fast with a young, diverse mix of families. Everyone is so friendly.

Q. Were there any surprises of building a new home?​

A. A lot of surprises during the building process. The first thing we noticed was the professionalism and responsiveness to our inquiries. Next was how clean the framers kept the job site. They pretty much swept the interior at the end of each day. The in-house interior design was key to making everything come together. Jaclyn was great to work with, she kept things organized and flowing nicely plus her input at various stages was much appreciated. All of the subs were great, but the finish carpenters were exceptional. Robbie and Dan’s attention to detail, expertise and craftsmanship brought all the previous months of planning, building and visions to light.

Q. If you could offer advice about building, what would it be?

A. Our advice is to do your research and ask questions, even the obvious ones. You need to be specific about what you want because looking at house plans is completely different than looking at the house in person. We noticed a couple things that we could not envision from the plans, but as we saw them starting to be built up we had to make some adjustments. It is important to visit the site multiple times a week if not every day to help visualize and catch small details you might not have thought about originally. The sign of a good builder is not only the quality of materials they use, but how they handle any changes to the plan or last minute tweaks. Heffron scored 10/10 with us. They were patient and understanding with all of our questions and requests. Believe me, we had plenty of them!

Q. Are there particular features or design elements that you are happy were incorporated into your new home?


A. We had the custom floor plan we used from our previous home, but Heffron tweaked it nicely to add a 4th bedroom plus gave us a 2nd story loft area that we never would have thought of. Heffron's designer, Jaclyn, had input for the layout and design and was key to making the kitchen space more useful than our original plan.

Thank you, Keira and Ed, for giving us a glimpse into your new home and building experience. Your home is beautiful, and so is your sweet family.

~from the staff at Heffron Homes

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