We then shifted our focus back to our Waunakee home and knew we needed to remodel our kitchen or buy a new home.  After searching homes and lots, we realized we loved our location and neighborhood and decided we wanted to remodel our home and hoped Heffron Homes would be our contractor.

We spent a lot of time planning and sketching before contacting Heffron.  We knew we wanted to remove a wall between the kitchen and living room to make the space more comfortable for our everyday use and for hosting our families.  David & his siblings take turns hosting Sunday brunch for anywhere from 12-40 guests (and everyone wants to be in the kitchen)!  And, we host Mary Jean's family six to eight weekends a year.

Homeowner Spotlight

David and Mary Jean

Q. How long have you been in your home and what was your inspiration for the remodel?


A. We've lived in our home 29+ years (since March 1985) and raised our three daughters here.  In 1990, we added a family room and remodeled the original kitchen.  In the 2000's our focus shifted to building a second home on Lake Wisconsin with Heffron Homes.  We enjoyed the process so much and loved our lake home for 5 years before selling in 2010.

Our new kitchen island easily has space for 25 people to stand while still giving the cooks space to move about.  And, everyone else is still able to be part of the action by milling about or sitting at the dining table or in the reading nook.

Before Photos

BEFORE - In the past, when you walked into the home, you'd enter a rectangular, more closed-in formal living room.

BEFORE - Kitchen. As you walked from the living room, you'd enter the closed-in rectangular kitchen. A small back entry gave access to the garage (far side of photo).

BEFORE - entryway from living room into kitchen (view from front door)

DURING - Demolition of the wall between the living room and kitchen.

After Photos

AFTER - This open space replaced the formal living room. Now there is a large dining room and sitting area with bookshelves that were restored from their lake home.

AFTER - Now when you walk in the front door, the open floor plan welcomes you into the entire home.

Q. How do you spend time around Waunakee? Are you involved in the community?


A. Mary Jean works at the Village Center Welcome Desk and is an Election Poll Worker.  David is a member of the Waunakee Education Foundation and serves on the Waunakeee Economic Development Committee.


Q. Could you explain what it is about your neighborhood that you enjoy?


A. We love the quiet, peaceful surroundings with mature trees.  We have easy access to either east or west Madison and we are within walking distance to schools, the library, churches and great parks.  And, we have great neighbors!

Q. Were there any surprises of remodeling your home?

A.  There are always surprises when you renovate! Even though we knew we were going to have more light in our kitchen and laundry room when we removed a wall and added a window, we are so completely surprised by the amount of natural light throughout the main floor all during the day now.

Another wonderful surprise was being able to incorporate the library shelves from our former lake home into our remodeled space. Thanks to Dan, we were able to have them reconfigured and painted ~~ they are a special part of our finished space!

We want to credit the Heffron Homes team for their willingness to find creative solutions for several surprises especially eliminating the need for columns on the kitchen island to achieve an open concept.

AFTER - Re-designed laundry room and back entryway

Q. Were there particular features or design elements that you were happy you added to your home? If so, can you describe them?


A.  Design Features:


  • Kitchen Flow, Functionality & Island - Thanks to Jaclyn & Jim for their creative energy and hard work to meet the design challenges.  Especially love the island, bake center and floor-to-ceiling pantry cabinetry.

  • Back Entry Wall - We wanted to remove the back hall closet for more light & hoped to create a mudroom, but there wasn't quite enough space.  This wall with its' hooks and shelves provides space for coats, jackets, mittens, scarves, aprons, etc.

  • Powder Room

  • Wood Flooring

  • Re-purposing Library Shelves - (see above)


Q. There are so many steps to remodeling. Do you have advice for those who may be considering going through a home renovation?


A.  Renovation Tips:

  • Spend lots of time looking at photos, magazines, new homes & other remodeled homes.  Explore lots of options and plan different scenarios before making a final decision.  Don't remodel on a whim!

  • Know that a final decision will still involve changes and flexibility on both the builder & homeowner's parts.  BE FLEXIBLE when surprises are discovered ~~ the end result can be even better than the original plan.

  • Leave some extra space in your initial budget ~~ you may need it for ideas you discover during the renovation process!

  • Enjoy the process & the final results!  Don't be overwhelmed by the number of decisions you will need to make. 


Thank You, Mary Jean and David, for allowing us into your beautiful home. You've done an amazing job!

~from the staff at Heffron Homes

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