Q. Where did you move from, and how did you end up in the Woodstone neighborhood?


A. We moved from Bella Casa Condominiums on Greenway Blvd in Middleton.  We had searched for houses for ~1 year and weren't finding anything that met our checklist.  After attending an open house in Woodstone, we decided this was the best place for us and went ahead with finding a lot!

Homeowner Spotlight

Lacey and Greg

Q. Were there any surprises of building and moving into a brand new home?


A. Not necessarily surprises, but all of the choices did become a bit overwhelming at times.  You feel some pressure in trying to pick the counters, floors, cabinets, etc.  It was great having a Heffron designer assist us in some choices and we ended up really happy with our choices.

Q. Are there particular features or design elements that you are happy were incorporated into your new home?


A. We really enjoy the open layout/look of our staircase.  Originally, the door to the basement was on the 1st floor. We had it changed to an open stair case rail so you have a great view coming into the house.  Heffron was really great making adjustments to the floor plan that we requested.


Q. If you could offer advice about building, what would it be?


A. Be patient!  It's hard to wait for everything to get done as the excitement level is high, so trying to stay relaxed throughout the process is a great tip.  Another tip would be to look at your future and plan the house for those future needs. We planned to start a family when we moved in, it was important to setup the house in a way that would well and be useful for a growing family.  Finally-- don't be afraid to speak up if something doesn't seem right or you want to make changes.  Ideally, you should be in your new home for many years, so make it what you want so you can enjoy it for a long time to come.



Thank You, Lacey and Greg, for giving us a glimpse into your new home and building experience. Your home is beautiful, and so is your sweet family.

~from the staff at Heffron Homes

If you are interested in our Woodstone neighborhood, Click Here.

Q. How do you spend time around the area? Are you involved in the community?


A. Both Lacey and I have our families in the area so it's great seeing them often.  We have a 5 month old son so we spend lots of time outside and walking around the neighborhood.  Lots of other families in the area with young kids which is really great.


Q. Could you explain what it is about the neighborhood that you enjoy… or what drew you to living in your particular neighborhood?


A. We really liked the lot /yard sizes, as we have the American dream of a nice house with a fenced in yard!  It's also great how you feel as if you have own quiet space but you are really just a few minute drive to get to most places such as shops and restaurants.  The neighborhood is filled with young families so we are excited for our son to have lots of friends in the neighborhood to grow up with.

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