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Bob and Bonnie

Sauk Prairie


Q. Where did you move from and how did you end up at your home in Sauk Prairie?

A. We lived near Wollersheim Winery for over forty years in a house we built early in our marriage. We loved country living but we were ready for the change of moving to town closer to stores, doctors, restaurants and all that has to offer. We needed less yard work in mowing and gardens.

Q. How do you spend time around the area? Are you involved in the community?

A. We are both retired. I presently sing in the church choir, enjoy playing cards and mahjong with friends. I’m looking forward to crafting now that I will have the time and a room devoted to the activity. Bob has a garden in the summer and enjoys working on projects around home. He likes to read, cook, garden and do home canning.

Q. Could you explain what was that drew you to your neighborhood?

We kind of fell into it as we didn't want to wait build, and it's working well for us. We are in a well-established neighborhood with good neighbors, we enjoy our level lot, and we're content.

Q. Where there any surprises in building a new home?

A. We knew we wanted a Heffron Home. Anyone we knew that had worked with Heffron Homes spoke well of the experience. Bob had worked in construction all of his life. He had more questions and interest in how construction was being done than most clients, I am sure. All of the staff, in all parts of the planning, were wonderful, reassuring, thorough and did not sacrifice quality in the construction. Jaclyn was amazing in working with us on all of our design plans, making it easy to pull together the details. It was wonderful to know there were so many involved in pulling it all together into a house we would proudly call home.

Q. Are there particular features or design elements that you are happy were incorporated into your new home?

A. We really like the plan of the house, with an open concept. We love the fireplace, the walk-in shower, laundry off the bedroom….so many things. Probably most importantly we have a home that is handicap accessible with zero entry access in entries, and wide halls to accommodate possible navigation challenges in the future. We want this to be a house that works for us all our lives.

Q. If you could offer advice about building, what would it be?

A. We would recommend that if a construction project is in anyone’s future to make Heffron Homes part of the plan. There are so many little details to cover but with experience, a commitment to quality building, consideration and respect for the client’s wishes …. they make the process one that does not leave you overwhelmed or worried. We never for a minute regretted our decision.

Thank you for sharing your beautiful home with us Bonnie and Bob. You've done an amazing job and we hope you're happy there for many years to come.

~ The Staff at Heffron Homes

If you're interested in beginning the home building process, simply click here to get in touch with our staff.

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