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Cathy and Mike

Lake Wisconsin


Q. Where did you move from, and how did you end up on Lake Wisconsin?

A. We moved from Sleepy Hollow, Il. where we raised out two girls and Mike had a homebuilding/carpentry business and Cathy, a career in the insurance industry.   We have talked for years about moving to lake property and the timing seemed right.  We had looked at property further North, but felt it was not the right environment with needing proximity to an airport for business travel. Also, we like being close to Madison for Badger sporting events, music and Cathy’s family in Delavan, WI.

We have always told our kids the path isn’t always clear but have faith and the plan will evolve, that is our story in this adventure and it couldn’t have worked out better. Daleen Heffron was recommended to us from Badger Football friends that live on the Lake in Merrimac.  Our first visit, on a gorgeous fall day in 2018 pretty much sealed the deal. The possibility of building  remote, without contacts was too daunting for us, we met with Dan and again it felt right and we moved forward with having Heffron Homes build our house.

Benton front ext.jpg

Q. Could you explain what it is about the area that you enjoy?


A. One month after we moved into our house Covid caused shutdowns and we have pretty much quarantined ever since. We choose to be cautious, willing to be patient to make sure we can enjoy the other side of the virus.  We spent a lot of time boating last summer, our fishing boat we dubbed our “coronavirus boat”, perfect for two.  We  have a pontoon on order so hoping this summer can enjoy the lake, the sand bar and all the area has to offer with family and friends.  

Truthfully and a little pathetic(!)  our community involvement has included meeting people at the dog park in Prairie du Sac. We look forward to getting involved, but are willing to wait to do so.  After being in the suburbs of Chicago for so many years, we notice and appreciate the feel of a small town feel and the pride the residents have in supporting their community.   

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Benton kitchen C.jpeg
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Q. How do you spend time around the area? 

A. There aren’t many lake lots available and thankfully Mike has great vision. The lot we picked is on a hill,  we get our workout getting up and down to the lake, but  the property had a preexisting fire pit and stone stairs which were great features. The neighborhood is great, we love being in the country, with back roads, dairy farms, vegetable stands, hiking, biking  and friendly neighbors in our established subdivision.     

Benton kitchen B.jpeg
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Q. Were there particular features or design elements that you were happy you added to your home?

A. We love the entire house, we included some of the features from our prior house, including vaulted great room and floor to ceiling windows. Our view here definitely beats our prior view! The upper deck and screen porch are perfect relaxation places and not sure how or why, but mosquitos have not bothered up on our deck!   

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Ben Spotlt Office.jpg

Q. Were there any surprises when building a new home?  

A. No real surprises to note about building a new home, but with Mike building our other two houses, he knows how it goes and kept Cathy in check. The entire process from start to finish was great, constant communication and flexibility from  Dan, Jaclyn, Aaron and Jim. Dan was very open to Mike doing some of the interior finish work and it was a great way for us to put some personal touches on our home.

Benton View b.jpg
Benton rear ext.jpg

Q. Obviously building a home is quite a process. Do you have advice for those who may be considering building a new home?

A. Do your background, when you find your plan, study it and then study it some more. Planning is such a big part of building a home and Heff and the team were great in coordinating that entire process.

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Benton evening scene.jpg

Cathy and Mike (& Stanley),

Thank you for sharing your building story with us. Your home is beautiful! We wish you happiness there for many years to come.
           ~ from the staff at Heffron Homes, Inc.

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If you, or someone you know, is interested in building, Click Here for more information.

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