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Kelley and Jerry

Lake Mendota

Q. Could you explain what it is about living on Lake Mendota that you enjoy?


A. We absolutely love the views of the lake, State Capitol, Picnic Point and all the recreational activities on the lake. We spend as much time as possible on our pontoon boat and especially love the sunset boat rides.

Q. What are your favorite areas, or spaces, of the home?


A. We spend most of our time in the rooms that face the lake;  Kelley's studio / hobby room on the upper level, Jerry's office on the lower level and the great room, kitchen and sun room on the main level... all with beautiful views of Lake Mendota.  It's wonderful to go to sleep in our master bedroom at night and wake up first thing in the morning to the sights and sounds of the lake. 

Q. Where did you move from, and how did you choose to make a move to lake living?


A. We previously lived in the Town of Westport. We casually looked for lakefront property for many years. We were looking for a great view and property that would have minimal upkeep to allow us to spend more time enjoying the lake. We found the perfect location in May, 2015; the previous structure had already been cleared and the property was ready to build on.

Large windows that face the Lake make you feel as if you are sitting on top of the water

Q. How would you describe the "vibe" or feel of the interior of your home?

A.  I guess you would call the style contemporary and Industrial with a few surprise elements thrown in for interest. Mostly just things we like melded together to make it a home. I like unusual design elements and artwork, things that make you want to look a little closer. 

Q. Are there particular features or design elements that you are happy were incorporated?

A. The cantilevered exterior decks off the main and upper levels and the open riser interior stairs with steel stringers are two of the many unique features of our home. We also think that the penny floor in the powder room in the lower level is a great design featureWe asked family and friends for pennies and made floor tiles out of them. It is a great conversation piece and was a fun project!

Lower level powder room with "penny floor"
Kelley's studio on the upper level, overlooking the Lake

Q. Were there surprises of building?


A. Working with Dan and eveyone at Heffron Builders was a real pleasure. As with any building projects, there are items and changes to the original plan after construction begins.  Heffron's flexibility, expertise and recommendations allowed the building process to be extremely smooth. We also really enjoyed working with Robby (Heffron carpenter). Any time we asked him to do something or change something he never complained, he just wanted to make our home exactly what we wanted. Jaclyn (Heffron designer) was awesome to work with as well. She was super helpful and responsive with her design work, and always a delight.

Jerry's home office with wonderful views of the water
Lakeside patio

Q.  If you could offer advice about building, what would it be?

Find a builder that understands your plans and desires and who you can trust and have good communication with.  Check the builder's references.  Look at other projects the builder has completed.  Building sometimes can be stressful, so you need a builder that is your partner.  Heffron Homes has been a great partner for us!

Kelley & Jerry, thank you for sharing your story with us. Your new home is absolutely beautiful, and Opi is adorable! We wish you happiness in your home for many years to come.


~ from the staff at Heffron Homes

Cantilevered decks offer alternate outdoor living spaces to enjoy the views
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