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Kelsey and Brian


Q. Where did you move from, and how did you end up in the Woodstone neighborhood?


A. Before we moved to the Woodstone neighborhood, we were living in an apartment in Middleton off of Greenway Boulevard.  We knew that we wanted to stay in the Middleton area but all of the existing homes on the market at the time didn’t seem to fit our needs.  At that point, we decided that we would build a house to suit us and our lifestyles.  After a brief search, we discovered the Woodstone neighborhood.  We immediately fell in love with how close it was to everything on the west side of Madison but still felt like you were away from the city a bit and never looked back.

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Q. How do you spend time around the area? Are you involved in the community?


A. Brian and I both love the outdoors.  We recently just purchased a new puppy shortly after moving in and love taking her for long walks on the local paths around the area. If we aren’t at the parks, we are enjoying time downtown in Madison.  We both graduated from Madison colleges so we are very familiar with the area.  Being so close to our alma maters was a huge perk of moving to Woodstone. We enjoy going to UW sporting events, the Union, Saturday Farmer’s Markets and love going to some of the fabulous restaurants downtown.  Brian also loves a well brewed beer so don’t be too shocked if you see us enjoying a few at the local Capital Brewery.

Q. Could you explain what it is about the neighborhood that you enjoy… or what drew you to living in your particular neighborhood?


A. The one thing that stood out about Woodstone from day one was the people.  Everybody always waves at you as you drive by and has a bright smile on their face.  Being in the Middleton school district also heavily influenced our decision.  Even though we don’t have kids yet, it is reassuring to know that when we do, they will go to one of the best school districts in the state.  Woodstone just seemed like the perfect place to plant some roots and eventually start a family.


Q. Were there any surprises of building and moving into a brand new home?


A. I think we were both surprised how easy it was to communicate with Dan.  I work in the design industry and hear horror stories about the communication between the client and the builder but this was not the case with Dan and the Heffron team.  If something was wrong, Dan would make sure to either contact us first or get it addressed right away if we brought it to his attention. This made us feel like we truly were part of the process and that we were always informed with what was going on at the construction site.

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Q. Are there particular features or design elements that you are happy were incorporated into your new home?


A. I love the openness of our home.  Since we love entertaining friends and family, Dan helped us craft a floor plan that was inviting for social events.  Our families both live within a 30 minute radius from out house so our door is always open.  By creating this openness, it allows me to be in the kitchen and not miss anything that is going on in the living room or dining room.  It is the perfect house for entertaining.

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Q. If you could offer advice about building, what would it be?

A. Take your time and do your research on what you want in your home and to find the perfect builder for you. We could not be happier with the outcome of choosing Heffron to help us build our dream home.  There is still not a morning that we don’t wake up grateful and in love with our house.

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If you, or someone you know, is interested in our Woodstone neighborhood, Click Here for more information.

Kelsey and Brain, thank you for sharing your story with us. Your new home is absolutely beautiful (& your puppy is adorable).  We wish you happiness for many years to come.


~ from the staff at Heffron Homes

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